O-Synce visor's heads-up display shows your performance data on the move

CYW, 2013-02-13 14:11:01

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Performance data where you can see it

Performance data where you can see it

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Recon Instruments has been offering a ski goggles with heads-up displaysfor several years. Thing is, not many sports require goggles, so its technology has been limited to things like skiing and skydiving. German sports computer manufacturer O-Synce has a heads-up design that should prove far more universal. Its screeneye x sports visor flashes your performance metrics via an integrated display.

On its own, the screeneye x provides simple read-outs of things like current time, ambient temperature measured from the tip of the visor, and lap times. The device also pairs with ANT + sensors, such as foot pods, heart rate monitors and multi-sport monitors, to display such measurements as speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. Data collected by the given sensor is sent wirelessly to the visor's computer and then displayed in the field of vision. The athlete can access his or her performance data without ever flipping a wrist or otherwise interrupting the flow of the workout. It's a concept that O-Synce calls data4vision.

The screeneye x uses a light collection film in the visor to create its display effect. O-Synce says that the heads-up display is easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. It's presumably low profile enough not to interfere with normal vision, though some athletes may find it bothersome.

The computer, heads-up display and controls are integrated into the visor

Like any good modern fitness monitor, the screeneye x doesn't simply track your data. It also provides training tools. You can set up a training regimen ahead of time using O-Synce's software. Then, the heads-up display will guide you through it during your workout. After the workout, you can upload and analyze the data on a computer with the included micro USB cable.

The screeneye x is controlled via a series of buttons on the side of the visor. You can change settings, select functions and toggle through data readings with the three buttons. It's powered by a rechargeable battery.

The O-Synce hit the market last year and is available now for €149,90 (US$200 at publishing). It is designed to work with any ANT + sensor, and O-Synce offers its own heart2feel x heart rate monitor ( €59,90/$81) and maxrun foot pod ( €69,90/$94).

While the screeneye x's focus appears to be running and walking, it can also be useful for other sports. O-Synce announced last month that German cross country skier Thomas Freimuth will use a screeneye x.

Source: O-Synce

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