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Mikayla Miller: Black Girl ‚ÄėLynched‚Äô In Boston Suburb, Mom Reportedly Says

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Death of Massachusetts teen Mikayla Miller, 16, ruled suicide by medical examiner

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The Girl is Murder by Kathryn Miller Haines

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Well-written and well-thought out, The Girl is Murder showed a violent, troublesome year from the angle of a curious teen detective.

  • The characters were engaging and dealt with their problems as teenagers might in this era.

  • But, as Violence In Boston accurately pointed out, an official cause of death has not been established for Mikayla nearly four weeks after she was found dead despite an autopsy having been conducted.

Piers Morgan even called it the.

  • So the assessment one of his clients gave about being lousy? Things haven't changed much in the past 10 years.

  • The first batch of photos, some 3,000, have been converted to digital images and will be made available on a new website from Tuesday ‚ÄĒ Miller's birthday; a further 5,000 to 7,000 pieces will be added each year thereafter until the entire haul is digitised.