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The attendant she was so nice too, helped me afterwards to find a drugstore for some pain relievers.

  • The coffee comes from a "local vendor.

  • Johnny walked me through the whole process and educated me on why a tragus piercing was not practical for me.

Starr looked at my ear and immediately said a daith was completely doable and it made my day! There are lots of variations on the Manhattan: A Rob Roy, A Dry Manhattan, A Perfect Manhattan, A Brandy Manhattan, A Metropolitan, A Cuban Manhattan, a Tijuana Manhattan, and one of my favorites The Fourth Regiment! A Perfect Manhattan is an easy variation - instead of using one vermouth you use ½ sweet vermouth and ½ dry vermouth.

  • She has run this Tampa based non profit since 1992 and you may have seen Big Cat Rescue on CNN, Animal Planet, Discovery, People Magazine, The Today Show, Sports Illustrated, all of the local media outlets and many more national and international programs.

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