Hot sauce condom - Instagram model accuses Drake of putting hot sauce inside of a condom and he seemingly responds

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Drake’s clever response to rumour that he put hot sauce in condom

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Drake May Have Responded To The Hot Sauce Rumors

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Drake May Have Responded To The Hot Sauce Rumors

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Instagram Model Claims Rapper Drake Put Hot Sauce In Used Condom To Prevent Sperm Theft

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The Billboard chart-topper has not officially made a comment, but he did drop something for the gram.

  • The update to the story is, the young guy was sued and they went to court.

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Lie to them, if you have to… tell them you are on a business trip and want to get it done so you can surprise your wife, who has spent years taking care of your kids and deserves to be able to get off her birth control, since the hormones make her crazy.

  • She dug in the basket to find the used prophylactic.

  • I will continue to pray for all of them, and will be of service in any way I can, May God be with you all.