Genital beading - Genital Beading

Beading genital Male And

genital beading

Beading genital Intimate Jewelry

Beading genital NSFW: Five

Beading genital Pearling

Beading genital A safer

Genital modification and mutilation

Beading genital Pearling

Spontaneous extrusion of male genital pearling

Beading genital A safer

NSFW: Five Unusual Extreme Body Modifications

Beading genital Genital modification

Beading genital Genital Beading

Pearling (body modification)

Beading genital Spontaneous extrusion

Flamboyant or discreet - we have the intimate jewelry to match the look desired.

  • The warrior gives special beads composed of black and white to the girl as a commencement for a sexual relationship.

  • This kind of genital piercing is more popular among the males because due to where it is positioned, it stimulates both parties during sexual intercourse.