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A number of them were destroyed in 1391 and others were converted into churches.

  • Valencian and Spanish are the two most commonly used languages in the city.

  • In the trials the accused were interrogated as to whether they had committed acts against the Christian religion, such as having struck crucifixes, etc.

However, more than the actual buildings themselves, perhaps the most enduring architectural legacy of Moorish Valencia is in the layout of the oldest parts of the city which follows the Moorish design of labyrinthine, narrow, winding streets providing shade from the midday sun turning back on themselves or coming to a dead end.

  • Further up the river near the Escuela Official de Idiomas the gateway to the country retreat of Princess Zaydia still stands on a roundabout by the side of the main drag.

  • Alfonso V issued letters of protection to Jewish merchants from Barbary who came to trade in Valencia.