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Vertical Lines On Fingernails May Indicate Certain Health Issues

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I have recently discovered dents (or ridges) in my fingernails. What does this mean?

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While they may seem like just a nuisance, they may be indicating there is something wrong.

  • Patients with alopecia areata may use steroid injections, topical minoxidil, topical corticosteroids, topical immunotherapy or ultraviolet light therapy as part of their treatment.

  • It's usually a symptom of an underlying autoimmune or skin condition, such as psoriasis, sarcoidosis, and lichen planus.

Other health issues causing vertical lines on fingernails accompanied include , rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral vascular disease.

  • The dents in the nails can be shallow or deep.

  • Horizontal ridges can be caused by trauma to the nail and may be deep or discolored.