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Robin starts a relationship with Isabella, and although the two of them aren't related by blood, it's later revealed they share a half-brother, and that Robin's father planned to marry Isabella's mother, meaning they were almost step-siblings.

  • Cassie: Do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Tough Love: Yes, and what else? At least four of them are in puberty when they meet.

  • He is also openly gay and recently lost his father to suicide.

Things get dark as Tony's silent little sister, Effy, goes missing.

  • Senegal then struck Kat to get control again, but Kat hit a Senton and then worked over Senegal and Sinclair.

  • Prior to that, he'd also danced with her to a romantic song in a prom ball he threw exclusively for her, since he wouldn't allow her to go out to her actual prom.

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