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Ultear Fairy Tail:

Ultear Grultear

Ultear Quick Answer:

Ultear Milkovich

Ultear Ultear vs

Ultear Natsu Dragneel/Ultear

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Ultear Natsu Dragneel/Ultear

Ultear Fantasy

Ultear Milkovich

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Ultear Fantasy

Ultear Ultear Milkovich

Juvia then proceeds to repay her in the same way.

  • Internet Essentials is designed to help students, seniors, and… Can you die of laughter? Ultear easily overwhelmed Natsu in their brief fight before Kain took over , and defeated nerfed Zeref as well.

  • Unlike almost all other characters, Gray does not consistently wear the same type of clothes that is, when he is wearing some , though he is often shown wearing some kind of white coat.


  • It later becomes , with Ultear being replaced by Sorano Angel as the second girl.

  • In the letter, Ultear has written to them that, although she failed and her time is up, they must live and fight to the fullest for her sake too, and make sure that the future is safe and that Zeref is gone, fulfilling Crime Sorcière's purpose.

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