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Although there is not a marriage proposal, Jaesa offers to spend the rest of her life with the player.

  • When Valkorion offered to share his power with , Arcann attempted to assassinate Valkorion again, which was successful, killing Valkorion's physical body while his spirit attached himself to the Outlander, whom Arcann trapped by freezing in.

  • Wer es nicht will muss es nicht machen.

Likewise, Vette will also question this, resulting a confrontation between the three characters, and the player must decide between both of them.

  • After the main part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 9 takes place, the player will be in the Odessan cantina with many other characters including Koth, Senya, Theron and Lana.

  • They can also spend a second night together.

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