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The Top 10 Demons for Love, Relationships, Lust and Desire

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The 7 Most Sexually Deviant Creatures in Folklore

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The Demons of Seduction and Perversion: Succubus and Incubus

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Asmodeus (demonology)

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Verin — Unk the demon of impatience.

  • According to many demonologists, Lilith presides over Succubi.

  • Cassiel, Caspiel — Unk Ruler of Saturn.

Whether the confession was an excuse to avoid giving the name of the rapist or the girl actually thought that a demon had raped her will remain unknown.

  • The French Benedictine Augustin Calmet equated his name with fine dress.

  • She left Eden on her own will, found a home near the bank of the Red Sea, and became Satan's lover there.