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R S Crabb Presents Record World : 2014

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Pinup of The Week: Bo Vixxen

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Hepcat Restorations Store

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#VintageVixxen Of The Week : Pam Grier (PHOTOS INSIDE NSFW)

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Tassels, Sequins, and Boobs: Behind the Curtain of the Bay Area’s Burlesque Scene

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Joan Jett: Part of the Runaways and later fronted the Blackhearts.

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  • Combat Rock has always been The Clash weakest album, Rock The Cabash, eeeccch and radio overkills Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

Not destined for the radio, unless it's Underground Garage.

  • I think at this point that I'm more interested in seeing what people are buying nowadays than I do myself.

  • Really didn't get into her, we all got burned out by I Love Rock And Roll, but I do give her points for her beliefs and playing with Evil Stig, the band known as the Gits after their lead singer got murdered, Jett made a live album with the band.